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What You Need To Know Today (October/27)

Written by on October 27, 2011

Cyborg no more! The BBC moves to human-edited Twitter feeds:

Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and ...New features:

Google+ finally ready for Google Apps users: tool coming for gmail users

Google turns Google Map API into a paid-for system (above 25,000 views): era of free is coming to an end

Is it time to admit that journalists are human beings?:

See all 40+ presentations from Content Marketing World 2011 on demand now: #CMWorld

The definite guide to B2B Social media: (haven't read it yet, but sounds interesting)

This looks to be a great tool, but it's out of date already: It creates design for just one screen in one orientation.

"The ugly cousin" no more: inside Android's beautiful new design:

How a novelist bypassed his publisher and raised $11,000 on Kickstarter:

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