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What You Need To Know Today (October/20)

Written by on October 20, 2011

The State of Social Media 2011: Social is the new normal:

324.000 digitale subscriptions NYtimes:

"The Shift" (new book) is now finished. Will publish on Monday! Subscribe to Plus to get it for free:

When is Google going to really disrupt the news business?: ...why Google News is a place for old media

Mary Meeker's latest internet trends report:

The latest on the future of journalism: where value creation means jobs:

95% Of Facebook Wall Posts Not Answered By Brands:

A fresh start for Google presentations:

In Depth: E-books edging out traditional print:

How dropbox is going to spend that $250 million infusion it got today:

Not That Many People Play Facebook Games After All: <= Useful analytics instead of just counting activity.

How to make a mobile commerce site for $200:

Now It's Just Getting Ridiculous: ...Samsung, using iPhone screenshots in your marketing material won't help your case!

Getting 'digital first' right in the 'newsroom':

and finally, "More revenue solves all known problems." My perspective: <= brilliant!

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