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What You Need To Know Today (October/14)

Written by on October 14, 2011

Most important: Now 40 million Google+ Plus users (official): ...and other amazing numbers from Larry Page

If you have to announce that you quit your job, on Facebook, this is how to do it!:

This is such a good idea. Startup replaces dreaded CAPTCHAs with short ads.:

L'Oreal Hikes Digital Ad Spend: <= read: They are only spending 10% on digital. Not impressive--average is 33%

QR Codes and Mobile Phones: 3 Marketing Blunders to Avoid | MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog:

I do not even know what to think of Steve Jobs getting 1.3 million likes on Facebook ...since he passed away:

iOS 5 Cache Cleaning: ...hmmm

For those of you who watched Mythbuster's Wednesday, here is another take on The Mystery of Walking in A Straight Line:

RIM Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis apologizes for the loss of Blackberry service:

What I Wish I Knew the First Year About Networking and Community Building: @DannyBrown

And finally, If you had tough week, here is something to make you smile: Bobby McFerrin teaches us "involvement":

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