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What You Need To Know Today (October/12)

Written by on October 12, 2011

Most important story: Google Engineer: "Google+ is a Prime Example of Our Complete Failure to Understand Platforms":

Google Engineer who published the above rant explains why you were not supposed to see it:

And ...The Mythical Man-Month: ...why Google Wave failed

Note: It seemed to be Google Rant day today.

70% of Companies Ignore Customer Complaints on Twitter:

Real bloggers and real blogs always trump Robot Armies:

Facebook shows how to monetize the Like button: (haven't seen it yet, but I like the title :))

"Question Everything Generally Thought to be Obvious": ...good list!

How, When And Where Do People Socially Share?: sharing is done via copy/pasting the URL

Caring About Your Customers Only When You Have To:

Study of Facebook News Feed Changes: Page Post Comments Up 21%, Likes Up 9%, Impressions Down 25%:

Planning a paywall? Maybe you should sell some e-books instead:, not instead. Do both!

What If We Had a Nutrition Label for the News?:

And finally, Apple's Siri is quite impressive:

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