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What You Need To Know Today (October/10)

Written by on October 10, 2011

Facebook for iPad: (officially)

Almost all Apple rumors turn out to be false--only 22% were true:

Amazon to book publishers: Welcome to the jungle, baby:

Are you sure you have time for a meeting?--New Post: Will someone just put out the fire already?:

Seth on "Sales per book": is happening within all aspects on digital media. Same total sale, bigger crowds.

Netflix kills Qwikster plans, backtracks on DVD separation: ...okay, now Netflix just looks weak. **Be the leader!!**

Top trending: Dissecting a Print Magazine: (PLUS)

12 common mistakes on brands' Facebook pages:

The Guardian has been listening to Kennedy: ...ask not what we can do for you, ask what you, the reader, can do for us.

Even Demand Media is realizing that, in a world of abundance, more is a terrible business plan:

Initial Reaction to the iphone 4S:'s extremely popular.

What newsrooms can learn from open-source and maker culture:

10 lessons learnt at news:rewired:

The End of the Future: ...I disagree, but interesting article.

Finally, A Clear Explanation Of What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About:

"It's a Magical Life": won the Porsche film festival. Congrats @majekpictures

The New Value of Text:

Elgan: Easy automation for Google+:

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