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What You Need To Know Today (Jan/31)

Written by on January 31, 2011

The competition for an ebook isn't the hardcover.

Samsung tries to boost their sales figures by telling the world that the number of shipped products to stores equals numbers of phone sold. Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Actually Quite Small: The point is that the recent Android tablet market share numbers are bogus.

Yet another study indicating that Facebook ads has a very low conversion rate. Facebook Ads Perform Half as Well as Regular Banner Ads [STATS]:

Amazon Leaks Details About Their Netflix-Like Movie Subscription Service, Free For Prime Members.

Facebook Confirms Removal of Suggest to Friends Feature from Pages, Reducing Virality.

Facebook's next big media move: Comments.

Live Facebook Press conference: Check-in Deals launches in Europe. To Launch Social Video-Sharing App.

Everyone is talking about the article "Why a paywall might make sense for the Telegraph this time." But there is nothing in it that actual makes sense. Things like "especially given that hiding its website behind a paywall inevitably means accepting a massive loss of influence," shows just how far off the media is from the real world. It is NOT a business strategy to disappear from the web.

Pay Walls Crumble. The New York Times is ignoring the deep flaws in its online business model, say industry observers, blowing a chance to transform online publishing by instead opting to earn a few quick bucks.

Don't put all your media content in one app. Mass media is dead.

The iPadification of the Web:

Five forces that are shaping digital media in 2011

How to Create a Twitter Response Strategy: - great article!

Welcome to Social Entertainment - Annual Report 2011:

iPad Mags Need A New Blueprint.

INMA launches a new blog focusing on mobile. As news increasingly goes mobile, the blog's mission is to be the worldwide reference guide to growing and engaging news audiences via mobile devices and tablets.

Why Nielsen Ratings Are Inaccurate, and Why They'll Stay That Way.

And finally, If you live in China instead of the US, you would make 85% less money, but have a 53% more chance of being employed:

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