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What You Need To Know Today (Feb/24)

Written by on February 24, 2011

Virgin America on Why Twitter, Facebook Are More Important Than TV:

Ebooks are 79% of O'Reilly's book sales! "Print is declining, but ebooks are skyrocketing faster."

Infographic of the Day: The World Lives On Facebook:

Apple charges $0.99 for the Mac FaceTime App - people are not happy: Oatmeal puts it into perspective.

Study Finds the Internet Makes Youth More Engaged Citizens

Piracy once again fails to get in way of record box office. Although number of tickets sold actually dropped 5%.

Check Out How Thin The Latest Issue Of Time Magazine Is! -

Apparently Microsoft believes that 10% failed updates are an acceptable error rate:

Intel's Thunderbolt to Strike at Media Transfer. Once port, wicket fast.

Press Pause Play, a film about hope, fear, and digital culture:

2010 State of the Computer Book Market, Post 1 - Overall Market

The Wall Streetization of Marketing.

Now Anyone Can Sync Google Docs & Microsoft Office.

Scott Adams on has an idea for a better husband app.

And finally Domo: The one Launch presentation you must watch (video)... weird!

If I were going to invest in a company, it would be Domo," said Israeli investor Yossi Vardi. "If you're going to lose your money, at least have some fun.

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