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What You Need To Know Today (Feb/10)

Written by on February 10, 2011

The big news today is the redesign of the Facebook Fan Pages. You can see how it looks here. Lots of interesting new features. You can now post, like and comments as a brand, instead of as a person. Notifications has been fully enabled for pages, making it a lot easier for you to manage fan interactions.

You can change your fan pages here, which might as well do now. This change is coming in the future anyhow.

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Facebook Moves to Disallow Apps From Running Google Ads

Vimeo adds 5GB uploads, custom URLS, and enables HD embedding.

Compete Is In A Total Nosedive, According To Compete: - don't trust external analytic sources.

Study: The Future of Smart Mobile Devices.

Instapaper full API now available to developers - with the nice catch that it is only available for subscribers.

Scobelizer takes a hands-on tour of the HP TouchPad. I am not sure it will make much of a dent in the tablet world, but I really like WebOS.

Who Likes What: Social Media By Demographic:

The Interest Graph on Twitter is Alive: Studying Starbucks Top Followers

And finally, Facebook and Love: Why Women Are Attracted to Guys Who Play Hard to Get.

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