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What You Need To Know This Week (May/11)

Written by on May 11, 2012

The weekly Newsletter is out:

Google's self-driving car is now legal and has been issued with the first license in the US (and possibly the world).

Top Gear presenter James May meets his virtual self. Is this the future of Tv presenters?

The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave. Very extreme, but it makes you think.

42 percent of Americans are using social media to shop (study)

The real threat to (big time) book publishing.

Pay To "Highlight" Your Facebook Status Updates To More Friends - A Reckless New Ads Test

Nikki Usher: "Who Needs Newspapers?" It's fewer people than publishers seem to believe

How to tell when unpaid internships are opportunities, when they're an abuse

Chocolat, a mac text editor, changes the font to Comics Sans when the free trail expires = brilliant!

We want our readers to read our content and we focus on that. HOW they choose to read it is entirely up to them ~FT's Lisa MacLeod

What Does "Professional" Look Like Today?

Gotta give the WSJ some props for the idea of using a Facebook Timeline to tell the story of the company's IPO.

The Guardian: Yep, it was "major changes" by Facebook that caused drop in social reader traffic. you are supposed to have a personal relationship with your vacuum cleaner.

Is Facebook 2012 The Same As AOL 2001?

The flipping point ...good point!

Pepsi As Confused As Ever ...all those fancy meetings completely wasted.

Google+ Hangouts On Air: broadcast your conversation to the world.

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