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What You Need To Know This Week (March/23)

Written by on March 23, 2012

Bundling and packages of goods might not be such a good idea: (Publishers, are you listening?)

Facebook says it may launch legal action against employers who ask for user passwords :

Why Working More Than 40 Hours a Week is Useless:

Seesmic layoffs show a founder shaken but not willing to quit:

Another example of awesomeness HTML5: (scroll down)

Hierarchies of ebook design : - very good!

Important lesson in page views: We crunch the numbers from Gawker's pageview-chasing experiment: Article coming up next week.

A Retina Display Reckoning for Magazine Publishers. <= very interesting point:

Help! I’m Being Forced To Pirate Game Of Thrones Against My Will!

The 5 basic rules of calculating fan (or follower) value:

Conde Nast now plans to give advertisers data on each new issue about 10 weeks after it comes out. <= what a joke!!

The State of the News Media 2012 annual report on the status of American journalism.

Fun picture and fabulous post! Solitude: My Comfort Zone:

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