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What You Need To Know This Week (June/8)

Written by on June 8, 2012

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Google Analytics Custom Reports: Paid Search Campaigns Analysis. Another excellent article by @avinash

the UN is considering an Internet tax. Not again ...this is all about skewing competition. But it's also another example of the problems with local Government in a global world.

Digital Convergence & Futuristic Family Reunions ...pretty cool!

Scientists may be able to predict your location years in advance.

Millennials: They Aren’t So Tech Savvy After All

On{X} - automate your life: - interesting!

More than half of seniors are going online:

Retailers 'Like' external JavaScript, but it doesn't always like them back.

Tim J. McGuire: This I believe about journalism, newspapers and the future of media.

Amazon acquires 62-year-old publisher Avalon Books.

Jane McGonigal: Truths & Myths in Gaming.

Link Building Means Earning “Hard Links” Not “Easy Links”

Prospectus for The Next Hot Tech IPO, Where Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong. Funniest thing I have read all week!!!

Morning rant: The laggards in New Orleans.

And finally: The new Twitter logo upside down :)

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