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What You Need To Know This Week (February/17)

Written by on February 17, 2012

Retailers Shut Facebook Storefonts: <= I will say it again, Social Commerce is not a tab on FB!!:

The Guardian Thrives in Facebook's Walled Garden:

Four Weird Things the Internet Is Doing to Our Understanding of Television:

Why Journalism Teachers Should Give Format-Agnostic Assignments:

Note to businesses: if Cisco is worried about Skype, it's because you don't need Cisco's hugely expensive systems:

"Twitter did/did not break news" is the new "bloggers vs journalists": <= very good point!!

Facebook to Release Timeline for Brands This Month <= this could seriously disrupt the use of tabs:

Boost in digital subscribers for the Times and Sunday Times:

I missed this last month, but Google is now punishing sites that overload pages with ads.:

Tablet Owners: More e-Commerce In Digital Magazines:

Toyota Under Fire For #CamryEffect Twitter Spam Superbowl Promotion: <= brands, don't fall for the more exposure trap!

After a Year, Murdoch's The Daily Is a Struggle:

Newspaper Extinction Timeline: Infographic of which year they will go in each country:

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