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What You Need To Know This Week (April/6)

Written by on April 6, 2012

South Africa's print media is nearing a precipice: ...It's not just in the 'west'

One to read! Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check

Twitter Sues Five Major Spammers: <= about time!

Very interesting episode of Triangulation with VC Jeff Clavier:

The rise of e-reading. 21% of Americans have read an e-book, and ebook readers read more than non-ebook readers:

New Study: A Happy Workplace Really is Crucial:

Would love to have these glasses - Google Project Glass:

What using Google Glasses would *really* be like: <= funny

2012 Update from the Larry Page (Google CEO)

A new framework for innovation in journalism: How a computer scientist would do it <= interesting!

Yahoo plans to fire 2,000 people! As they say ...

I'm impressed by 'Paper' (iPad sketching app)

One of the largest newspapers in DK just launched Berlingske Plus: price $5/month - $49/ where have I seen that before? ;))

My morning rant about 'list articles':

Visual on future of news: 8 primary and 19 secondary sources of value

STUDY: Facebook Timeline Doesn’t Affect Engagement

Verizon Wireless Online to Store Study:

Why Ford Believes in Google Plus

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