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What You Need To Know This Week (April/27)

Everything you need to know and a bit more...

Written by on April 27, 2012

Interview with Sebastian Thrun, the man behind Google Glasses.

Why do we just stand back and watch? Yahoo vs. Facebook: ...this constant patent crap is more damaging than SOPA.

How Twitter broke its biggest story (study).

Average cost of traditional media story: $250. Average cost of online-only media stories: $10 /RT @danalacey

Pay with cash on Walmarts online store ...yes, cash. How does it work, you buy online, walk to the physical store and pay there, walk back home again, and wait for it to be delivered by mail.

Fascinating data: The Invisible Borders That Define American Culture:

Absolutely brilliant post: Media: What's Past is Prologue.

There is no best practice for the perfect time to post on Twitter. The best time is when you have something of value to say. ~@avinash

Adobe free presentation/report: Focus on what customers do, not what they say.

Strategy, Context, and the Decline of Sony.

Wired: What Your Klout Score Really Means.

Breakdown of Apple's online checkout process. Very nice, but that's a lot of steps!

Interesting Kickstarter project - turn your iPad into a Macbook Air.

In April 2005, the total internet population was 900 million, the same as Facebook today. (Internet pop today = 2.2 billion)

I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened - The Oatmeal.

Study: Clickthroughs don't matter for ads, but viewing does

Success versus popularity - great post by@scottmckain

Google launches Google Drive.

Apple Could Profitably Build Products In America " Report.

(Great presentation) The Interactive Brand Ecosystem.

Financial Times passes 2 million users for its HTML5 web app.

"Why I break DRM on e-books": A publishing exec speaks out.

If you didn't see it yesterday: Facebook's RAW numbers and focus areas.

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