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Social Culture vs. Crossposting Messages

There is nothing wrong with crossposting if it is done based on social culture. But sadly, many companies use it as an excuse.



Written by on April 18, 2011

Last week, I wrote the article "Facebook Deemphasizing Twitter and Brands." In it, I highlighted how Facebook is making it harder for brands to have a social presence on multiple channels.

The short version is that Facebook is making it impossible for brands to use 3rd party applications. You have to manually post every single thing.

After writing that article, several people disagreed that this was a problem. Brands should not be automating or crossposting. They should either use the social channels directly, or stay away. People do not want false connections.

One great example was this comment from a friend of mine, Hans Tosti. He is an excellent guy, teaching people how to use social media every day. And he wrote:

I simply disagree with your article, Thomas.
Crossposting between channels is, sorry to say, lazyness. Brands (and people) who do this underestimate the fact that tone of voice and technical possibilities differs significantly between platforms. On Facebook, text is only 1/3 of what's available in the toolbox. So does the feedback facilities (likes and comments on Fb, retweets and replys on Twitter, etc.)
Of course brands must be on those networks and platforms where they will meet their audience, but it takes some work, and sometimes it's better to focus on one or few platforms and be there 100%.

I completely agree with him -- in principle. Each channel has their strengths and weaknesses. You have to embrace each channel separately. This is why I wrote that brands should update Facebook manually.

But I do not agree in practice; or rather, it shouldn't have to be this way. Facebook is making it unnecessarily hard, by refusing to embrace the open social world. What difference does it make how something is posted?

Social is not about how you post, but why and what you post.

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