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Nice work Google!

Written by on June 8, 2004

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine around. Not only is it the most user-friendly, but it is also the best from a technical perspective.

Today I analyzed my server logs, specifically I wanted to see how search engines indexed my site, what pages they indexed - and in what order. This highlighted some interesting things:


  • Index every day
  • All pages


  • Index every 1 to 9 days
  • Only index some pages (usually only old ones, not the latest)
  • Are more focused on indexing the links in the footer than in the body-content


  • Index every 1-3 days
  • Only index some pages (usually only old ones / or section index pages)
  • Always index the RSS/ATOM feeds (although they never show up when searching for them)

Only a few other search engines ever visit this site, and if the do it is usually a single visit (indexing only 1-7 pages)

I think this illustrates why Google has better search results. They index much more frequently and are more thorough doing so. This gives Google a much better data foundation than the other search engines.

Good job!

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