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Google+ Circles Need To Be Turned Upside Down

Google+ Circles, if turned on its head, could be the best social network for brands - and for people. It is just what everyone wants.




Written by on June 29, 2011

As you have probably heard, Google is out with their new social network. It is called Google+ and is very interesting. I put an article together yesterday to help you get the big picture.

But there is one element of Google+ that concerns me, and that is Google+ Circles.

Google+ Circles is a way for you to control what you share with who. You are encouraged to divided your friends and family into "circles", and then decide what to share with each circle.

This is how Google explains it:

Google+ Circles is really simply and straightforward. It sounds exactly right. Most people think the same way as Google describes in the video. They are uncomfortable with the thought of sharing their pictures of their hobbies with people they do not really know. Or they do not want to share work related stories with people who are just friends.

As a result, people see their friends and followers as something you can put into groups.

And then, with these groups, you can decide exactly who sees what. You are in complete control. You also get the added bonus that because each group is targeted, there will be much less noise. Your coworkers won't see the family pictures.

It all sounds very good. This is what you want, right? What's there not to like?

Well, there is one thing wrong with it, and Tim Skauge said it best when he wrote this:

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