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Fake Terrorists - an Alarming Trend

Written by on May 2, 2004

All over the world, people are getting killed, arrested and pacified under the cover of terrorism. The world's hotspots are suddenly filled with terrorists - and the world is at rage.

Just the other day, the most serious case of "fake terrorism" was unveiled in Macedonia. In 2001, Macedonia announced to the world that it had gunned down 7 terrorists when they attempted to raid a police station. This was not true. Not only was there no terrorist act, the alleged terrorists was seven regular Pakistani immigrants which the former interior minister ordered his security forces to kidnap and kill. It was called "War on Terror", and it was a political campaign to get the world's approval - and it worked.

It was a monstrous fabrication to get the attention of the international community

It is not only happening in Macedonia?

Everyday we hear of new terrorist acts in Iraq. Soldiers are killed, camps are bombarded - and every time it is an act of terrorism. In Israel two people is gunned down and the Israeli government calls it an act of terrorism by Palestinian terrorists.

But it is fake terrorism. In Iraq, when someone soldiers gets killed, when military bases is attacked or when military or vital installations is damaged it is not terrorism. It is just normal actions of war.

During the Second World War, many European citizens destroyed railroad lines, electrical plants, and a lot of other things. If this would happen today, these people would be called terrorists - not freedom fighters or the resistant.

It is the same in Israel, and indeed, in many other countries of the world. Two people get gunned down and it is instantly called an act of terrorism. It is not. It is a brutal murder and it is awful - but it is not terrorism.

We are using the term terrorism in the same way as we, in the dark ages, used the word hell. It is used to make us blindly accept things for something worse than it really is. True we do have real acts of terrorism. The train bombs in Spain were an awful example of that. But, the majority of events happening today are not - it is fake terrorism.

Terrorism is becoming a tool to government acceptance. It is used to get people on your side and to make your oppositions look bad. If someone disagrees with the actions in Iraq - then they are suddenly supporting the terrorists. Politicians have found out, that if call something terrorism, then it is almost impossible to disapprove, let alone speak against. None of us would like to take side with terrorists - not even when they are make-believe.

It is also used as a tool to make us blindly accept actions that wouldn't normally be accepted. Like actions to reduce our freedom of expression, the freedom of the press, government invasion of our homes and many similar things. Not to mention invading a country that happens to be controlled by a mad-man and holding one of the world largest oil resources.

You must by now think I am against invading Iraq, that I support aggressors in the world, that I am against Israel and that I am against that the police can tab into my emails. But I am not - not even slightly.

I actually approve of the idea of invading Iraq. It was controlled by a mad-man and he was a threat to the stability of the middle-east and partly the world. But, calling him a terrorist is invading because of it is (yet) another case of fake terrorism.

I do not support aggressors - I am a pacifist, so I do not support any aggressor.

I do not disapprove with the notion of the police having the ability to read my emails. Why not, if it helps bring down criminals I would gladly help out. The only illegal action I do is occasionally driving too fast. What I do not approve is that when we make new laws, like giving the police more power. We are not at the same time including laws to make sure those powers are not misused.

We are the victims of fake terrorism, and it is taking away our good judgment, our ethics and our freedom. And worst of all - it is widening the cultural barriers between the people of the world.

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