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Facebook Home ... and the Trends of Tomorrow




Written by on April 5, 2013

Yesterday, Facebook launched the new Facebook Home for Android. It's not a Facebook phone per se, but more like a layer that sits in top of the phone. In Android terms, it's a launcher.

The idea is that instead of limiting your use of Facebook to just be inside an app, with 'Facebook Home' it becomes part of everything you do. From browsing websites, to using others apps, to answering emails, and so forth.

You can learn more about it from the Facebook Home info page.

I haven't yet had the opportunity play with this (it will become available on April 12, 2013), but I wanted to share my first impressions from a trend perspective:

The Future of smartphones is not about 'apps' but 'use'

Mark Zuckerberg said that having phones just for launching apps is not what we want. Instead the phone should be about people and how we interact with them.

Mark is spot on about that. And we have been seeing the shift from 'app' to 'use' with the many Android widgets on the Windows Phone and the Blackberry. The next big shift in smartphones will be from 'apps' to 'use'.

So that's great!


Way too distracting

I have a really hard time getting excited about the new Facebook Home. The reason is, I don't see Facebook as being the starting point of every single interaction we have.

With Facebook Home, the first thing you will see (every time you look at your phone) are your friends' status updates. Every time.

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