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Ethics People - It Matters!

Written by on February 25, 2005

It is not often that I fell upset by low ethical standards. After all, incidents like the Janet Jackson episode was not something I would take much notice off. It did not like it, but I did not find it particular upsetting either.

But this evening, while I was watching varies TV channels, I came across "the Voice TV", a popular Danish music TV channel. Besides showing varies music videos, they got an advertisement running continuously across the entire screen encouraging teens to... well read it yourself:

I know this is just another SMS product (You send in your name - and in return you it is twisted into a slimy adult one - for about $1.5) but the message is outrages. How can a TV station targeted teenagers have such low ethical standards as this?

Where is their sense responsibility? Where is their sense of ethics?

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Thomas Baekdal

Thomas Baekdal

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