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Free Yourself From the Office »

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A New Logo Won't Make You Social »

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Columbia Took Catvertising Seriously »

Transparent Employee Meetings »

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Focus on Relevant Insights in 2012 »

Merry Christmas Everyone »

Pricing: Music vs. ebooks »

Apple Never Designed the iPad - They Undesigned it »

Kids Should Have Mobile Phones »

Failure at 10% »

"Stop Online Piracy Act" is Stupid, But so are the Arguments Against It »

Book: The Future of Social Commerce - Now for 99 cents! »

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Think Better, not Think Different »

No, Netflix Got it Right »

Near-Future Trends for 2012 »

The Myth of the 99 Cent Book »

Google Circles Still Not Working »

What is a Violation of Privacy? »

Privacy, Smivacy. Tracking is not a problem »

How Much Money? No Way! »

Why Are You Doing This again? »

How Much Should You Spend on Facebook? »

Newspapers, Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot »



Google+ Circles Need To Be Turned Upside Down »



Google Stop Kicking Your Fans in the Groins »

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Creating Awareness about Garbage Cans »

The Penguin Explorer »

Everywhere! »

Forget Prime Time - The End of Daily Issues »

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Why Governments Have No Say Over The Internet »

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Think Value of Content, not Products - Digital Economics »

Social Annihilates Page Views, So What? »


Social Culture vs. Crossposting Messages »


Facebook Deemphasizing Twitter and Brands »



Advertising Turns Respectable Newspapers Into Spammers »

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You Business Model is Your Idea »

Apple, Burst The Bubble! »

The CEO Slap-O-Matic »

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Apple thy name is Ebenezer Scrooge »

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Microsoft, Forget Windows and the Defensive Business Strategy »

Yahoo, Sell Flickr - or set it free! »

Google isn't a Cable Company, and Other Silly Ideas »

Solve the Right Problem, or Buy Earplugs »

Facebook's New Groups and the Smokescreen »

We Can Save Newspapers by Destroying The Web »

Content is not a Loss Leader »


Apple: Pay Full Price For an Ebook You Already Bought »

Reuters Should Go Pro »

Facebook is Dying - Social is Not »

Cross-platform - Not a Viable Business Model »

It's Not Alright To Aid Criminals To Improve Traffic »

I Don’t Want a Freaking Computer »

Where’s the Money, Bob? »

Change for the Sake of Change »

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I am Moving Away from Traditional News »

The Georgian Blogger Probably Attacked Himself »

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Twitter for 'Really' Busy People »

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There’s Probably No God »

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A Disconnected President »

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Ethics People - It Matters! »

Crazy new law - no visible underpants »

Usable vs. Functional Reminders »

No project buffer = no success »

Milestones is More Important than Deadlines... »

When is the deadline again{Q} »

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Reality is Impossible »

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Nice work Google! »

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Positive Fantasy Syndrome »

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