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What You Need To Know This Week (March/31)

Written by on March 31, 2012

Ex-Microsoft Xbox director turns to Kickstarter to fund book:

Scandinavian audience expressed distrust of the media (study): (in Norwegian) - translated:

Arthur C. Clarke was a brilliant man - his predictions in 1974:

RIM won't save itself by withdrawing from consumer markets:

"If publishers can overcome their fear of piracy they will have an enormous weapon to fight Amazon": (Amen!)

Paper for iPad Hands-On: So This Is What Microsoft's Former Courier Employees Were Working On:

Google Unveils New Revenue Option for Publishers: <= Crap!! You are asking people to sell their privacy for content.

If customers have bought much of the stuff they will ever buy; will they make room for you?: <= great!

Tumblr hits 20 billion posts, nears 50 million hosted blogs: <= impressive!

Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan: - this is cool!! (hint: He is 95% blind)

What book publishers should learn from Harry Potter: <= Interesting

An Indepth article of the problems with Condé Nast on the iPad.

Mobile and the news media's imploding business model.

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