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The Rights of People

You are not allow to say that your product may only be bought by white people. You are not allowed to restrict it to men only. So why do brands think it is acceptable to discriminate people based on geography?




Written by on February 24, 2011

There is a lot of talk about how the internet changes who is in control, and how businesses have no say in the future of commerce. While some of this might be true, it is not really a new thing. The internet isn't liberating the past; it is liberating itself.

Most of the problems we have--about getting people to pay for online content--are self imposed. Companies violate the basic of right people when they decide to restrict a product. And when people fight back, they, in turn, violate the basic rights of the content creators.

If you want to change this, if you want start making money online, you have to stop creating restrictions, and focus enabling your products.

So for all publishers, content creators, and app developers--this is a primer on the basic rights of people. You have to embrace these principles, if want to stand a chance of persuading people to pay for your products.

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