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The Real Mobile Shift - For Brands

If you want to be successful in the mobile world, you have to shift your focus from what you do to "when do you need it?" and "where do you use it?"



Written by on December 14, 2011

Last week, I published the article "The Real Mobile Shift - For Publishers" and it is all about what mobile means for content. If you are a publisher or a brand working with content marketing, you should read that first.

This week, however, we are going to look at what mobile means for brands - outside the scope of content marketing. What does it mean for your web shop, your online campaigns, and do you need to create a special app around a campaign?

Your mobile is not mobile

First, we need to remove the biggest misconception surrounding the mobile concept. Most people believe that mobile is a smartphone, like the iPhone or the many Androids. It's not.

Mobile is a verb. It is not a thing or a device. It is an action, a state of mind, and a feeling. That feeling is freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever and however you want.

It is a combination of freedom of choice, freedom of time and freedom of place.

Avinash Kaushik created this great webcast about what mobile is all about in terms of advertising and search. It's divided up into two sections. In the first section he is guiding you through a ton of great case studies, and the second section is all about how to measure it.

It is well worth your time!

The real mobile world

In order to illustrate what the mobile world is really all about, let's look at the limitation of the passive world. The passive world is the opposite of the mobile world (which is active by default).

Take buying a teddy bear. In the passive world, you might see it during your lunch break. Now you have to remember it, because you are nowhere near a shop. The shop is only located on a specific street, in a select number of cities. When you go to that shop, you hope that they still have it in stock. And, considering you are still at work, you have to wait until Saturday to buy it.

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