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The Mystery of 100 Cats In Ikea Solved

Written by on September 10, 2010

One of the biggest questions humankind has been asking for millennia are "what happens if you let loose 100 cats inside an Ikea store?" But after years of uncertainty, a dedicated team of people has now finally found the answer!

Answer: Nothing!

Cats really don't give a damn about what humans think, they just go about their business like they always do. They walk around, fight a bit, and look at every crook and cranny. But generally they try to find somewhere to take yet another nap.

The reason we now have the answer to the big question of life, the universe, and cats is because of Ikea's latest marketing stunt. And their movie "Happy inside"

It is hard to really tell why they made it, other than it was something, someone wacky enough, came up with during a particularly unproductive meeting. And why not do that? Life doesn't have to be se damn serious anyway.

Although you do have to be a cat person (like me), to really appreciate the subtlety.

Behind the Scenes + Photos

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