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The Media Trends to Care about in 2018-2023




Written by on December 13, 2017

Every new year, people start writing about what they predict will happen in the next year. I used to do this as well, but this time I want to do something different.

It's not that we can't predict the future (that's fairly easy), but, from a trend perspective, looking a single year ahead is a bit silly because the trends don't actually change that fast, and 2018 is going to start in just two weeks. So, if you were to predict 2018, you could simply look at the trends that you already see today.

So, instead of talking about predictions, let's talk about focus.

If you are a publisher, and you are thinking about next year, what should you focus on? What kind of new things should you start to do? What changes in your editorial process should you aim for? And, what differences in the market should you try to win at?

Let's start with this.

Pivot to reality

Back in November, Digiday's Lucia Moses wrote an article about how publishers are starting to abandon their (often failed) 'pivot to video' and are now instead focusing on a 'pivot to reality'... and I just love this phrase.

This, of course, is nothing new, because most media analysts have been saying this for years, but it seems to finally be happening.

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