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Creating the Future of LIVE Video




Written by on April 25, 2016

We are living in exciting times. After a couple of years of very little change, we are now seeing three major changes to how we communicate and publish. We have the world of VR/360 videos. We the have world of AI chat bots (although few are either chat or AI), and we are also seeing the very exciting world of LIVE videos.

I have already written extensively about the first two (see the links above), so now let's take a hard look at live videos.

Of all the trends that we see at the moment, live videos is the least exciting one from the technology perspective, but it's also the most exciting one in terms of short term potential. The two other trends are both long term concepts. They have little real impact today, but have very interesting potentials five to ten years from now. The examples that we see with VR and chat are mostly just tech demos with little real-world use.

For instance, why would you use a chatbot to navigate the menus of a website, when you are already holding a 5.5" screen in your hand? It's fancy demonstration of tech, but after the initial excitement wears off, people will realize how slow and cumbersome that interaction really is.

But live video is different because we are already at the point where it just works. We don't need to invent the next step. We don't need to take it up to another level. What we have today is already useful and powerful.

The biggest reason it is exciting today is not that it's new. Live video has been around for a very long time, and live video sites like Ustream, Livestream, and many others have been around for ages. But what is new is that we have refined how it's done. And with Facebook Live, it has now been completely integrated into the very moments that we already have.

We no longer need to go somewhere else to watch something live, and that makes a big difference.

The future of live video looks to be very promising, but it's not without its challenges. Live is one of the hardest things to do right. So let's talk about these challenges, and what you need to do make it work.

A declining/growing trend

One of the first problems that we have with live video is the very concept on which it is based. It's a concept that has been in decline for a very long time. Yes, you read that right. The concept of what defines live video is in decline.

You see, live video is fundamentally the old form of media.

Let me give you an example.

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