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Social Media Strategies in 2014



Written by on October 10, 2013

2014 is not far away, at least not in terms of a brand's budget planning, and the question of how to create the right social strategy is one that people keep asking.

I have already posted loads of articles about how to think of social media, from simple strategy planning to more in depth analysis into how it works. So in this article I'm going to take a step back and look at the social strategies from the bigger scheme of things, and help you focus on the right things in 2014.

Social got boring

In the beginning of this year, I wrote that 2013 would be the year that social media got boring. The social revolution is almost over, the shift from traditional to connected is almost complete, and all the social platforms have transformed from an inventing phase to an establishing phase.

In fact, if we look at the new features on the big social channels, they are no longer about creating new ways to be social. Instead they are all about establishing control (like Facebook Home, and Twitter shutting down 3rd parties), and finding ways to monetize the traffic (promoted/sponsored posts).

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