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Social commerce and the new store fronts

You no longer control your store front. You do not get to decide which products to feature, or when they are being promoted. People exclusively decide what to share, where to share it, and when to share it.



Written by on March 17, 2011

Social commerce is a very hot topic and filled with misconceptions. In this article, and in a coming ebook, you can learn much more about what social commerce is all about. What strategies to make, what to keep clear of, and how to shift from traditional to social shopping.

Note: The upcoming ebook about social commerce will be free to all Baekdal Plus subscribers. It can also be bought separately if that is what you prefer. I will post several chapters over the coming weeks.

Chapter One: The product and the new store fronts

Before you start to embrace social commerce, there is one seemingly simple question you need to answer. That question is: "Do you have a product?"

It seems like very basic question, but social commerce is not about web shops, or fancy widgets on Facebook. Social commerce is about the product, and why people buy them.

In traditional commerce, people say "let's go shopping." They visit shops and browse around. The shop itself is your primary sales channel. And, the experience of "shopping" is the primary motivation.

With traditional commerce, you are rarely focused on buying a specific product. You go into a shop and say, "I'm looking for a nice pair of pants. What do you have to offer?"

This is not how social commerce works. Social commerce is driven by recommendations by friends, and other people online. You are no longer shopping around on an ecommerce site. You are shopping around on blogs, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Only when you decide that a product is interesting do they actually visit the shop.

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