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Inspirational Screensaver

Written by on December 9, 2004

Last spring I made a screensaver, or rather a series of images that you can turn into one. The images contain quotes from very ingenious people. And all quotes have an inspirational message - to do better, to change the way you think or to make you smile.

As a free Christmas extra, I offer this screensaver to you - maybe you can enjoy the quotes as much I have.

Installation Instructions

Since it essentially is just a series of images, there is no setup file.

  1. Simply place all the images into an empty folder.
  2. Open your screensaver control panel (display control panel on XP)
  3. Choose the standard screensaver that turns a bunch of images into a slideshow. This is called "My Pictures Slideshow" in Windows XP - I cannot recall what it is called in Mac OS X, but it is available.
  4. Sit back and enjoy :)



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