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Rethinking the Perfect Media App



Written by on February 25, 2013

How do we design the perfect media app? How should it work? What should it do? What must be in it?

Over the next couple of months I will look at various aspects of this. But when I was writing the synopsis for this series, it became apparent very quickly that 99% of the problems we see in the world of media apps, are caused by lack of experience with digital media. And when we combine this with the print mentality, and print business models, the result is rather bad.

In fact, when we combine all these factors, the actual design of the app makes little difference. It doesn't matter how beautiful it is or how well it works. The problem is not the design, the problem is the very foundation of how it is built.

So in this report, we are going to deconstruct the main reason why apps fail. And illustrate why you need to take a different route before you even get to the point of deciding how your app should look and work.

It all started in 1996...

The web

One thing that is puzzling about the media industry is how they think about the web. For more than 20 years, digital publishers have been trying to find the best way to publish content digitally on the web. And through this journey we have made every conceivable mistake that we could make. We have had successes and failures. We have optimized and deconstructed. We have tried making things simple, and also made them excruciatingly difficult to use.

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