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RESET - What If You Could Start Again?

Ask yourself, "if I had to start from scratch in 2015, what would I do?"




Written by on February 8, 2012

I would like to give you a challenge. It is a thought experiment that is going to change how you do things. It is not something you can do within the next five minutes. It is something you have to sit down with, maybe with some of your colleagues, and really think about.

The challenge is this:

What would you do if you had to start again, from scratch, in 2015? What kind of business would you make? What would you sell? How would you organize your resources? Who would you hire? How would you work? What tools would you use? What kind of infrastructure would you create?

As you can see, it is not something you can answer in just five minutes, but I promise you it is one of the most valuable things you can do.

As we all know, 2012 is the year of the shift, or what futurist Ross Dawson calls, "The year of transformation". It is the year, when the old world loses its dominance and is replaced by the new connected world. Obviously, this won't happen from one day to another. But the shift is here and it's very real.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a 'transformation' is to try to cling on to the old. We see this all the time. Companies are unwilling to let go of their old workflows and management systems, instead they try to patch them up.

One example is in the newspaper industry. Their old content management systems are designed for print. A world in which text and images are two separate workflows. So when they move on to digital channels, they patch up the system, allowing journalists to list the images they want to include as a separate field in the CMS system. This leads to template based sites, in which, just like with print, the pictures are presented in a kind of slideshow separated from the text itself.

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