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The Remarkable Experience

Written by on October 15, 2008

Unless you have been living under a rock (or don't care about Apple), you probably already know about the new MacBook lineup.

From a design perspective, it is just as good looking as all the other products from Apple, and it too features Apple's new wonder-trick... to shape the edges to make it look a lot slimmer.

But I think the most important new feature is not the outside or how it looks, but how it is made. Instead of highlighting the design, Apple has spent an enormous amount of time talking about the inside of it.

Just take a look at this video:

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(via Apple)

Apple has found that in order to make really remarkable products; design and engineering has to go together. Remember the old axiom of interaction design?

What comes first, (interaction) design or development?

Well guess what, none of them comes first. If you want to make a really remarkable product, you have to bring design, development and engineering together. You also have to bring in feel and touch, weight, speed, affordability and ease of use.

The time has passed when you could simply design a cover, much like what most other computer manufactures does (or mobile manufactures for that matter). To be successful today, you need to design something that looks as good at the inside as it does on the outside.

And more importantly - design is not actually the right word to use. Most people see design as something that is visual. That is only a part of it. It is the sensation, the emotion, the feel, the energy and motivation you get from using something that matters.

This is not just about Apple, this is even more so about you, and the amazing products that you make. If you are working on a new web application or website, or just some project for a client, you need to look at how you "design" every single part of your experience.

To be able to create a remarkable web application today, you need to stop looking at your site as front-end and backend. There is no such thing any longer. Both have to come together and both have to be design to perform in a remarkable way. And they have to be designed as one combined experience.


What comes first, (interaction) design or development? Neither!
The first thing everyone must do is to create a remarkable experience
- then you can worry about how to design and engineer it.

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