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Publishers and The Snacking Economy




Written by on March 1, 2016

One thing I have written about many times before is that the digital world is different not because it is a new format, but because it has split into a multitude of mixed behaviors.

In many of my previous Plus reports, I have focused on trying to explain what these different behaviors are and how to optimize for them. Specifically, I have tried to help publishers get out of the race to the bottom of chasing random pageviews with increasingly shallow social content.

I have also illustrated how most of the true digital natives are winning not because they have optimized for the latest viral tactic, but because of how they are focusing on creating real value over time, thus building momentum and driving intent.

But this doesn't mean that quick articles aren't useful. It's obviously an important part of the future of media and there are many good reasons to make that type of content.

So, in this article, we are going to focus on the snacking economy. We will talk about what it really is, what focus it requires, how to optimize for it, but also what it isn't.

Sound good?

How did we get to this?

Before we focus on only the snacking type of behavior, it's important to repeat just how big a change this really is. This new world of media is nothing like anything we had in the past.

If we go back 20 years and we look at how people consume media in the past, we see that pretty much all forms of media fitted into only a single type of behavior. That behavior was that we would choose to sit down with, for instance, a newspaper. But since the newspaper came as a package of random articles, we had no specific intent when it came to actually reading it.

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