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Monetizing News: Where is the Money?




Written by on June 10, 2016

Last month, we took a look at the editorial future of local news, in "Completely Redefining the Purpose of Local News". In that article, I talked about all the things that are impacting the role of local news, why people need local newspapers, why they don't, and how to think about it instead.

One thing I did not do in that article was to talk about the monetization. How would you actually make money from local news (and newspapers in general) if people no longer needed a package of random news?

There are two ways that we can talk about this. There is a very quick and simple way that explains exactly where that money is going to come from. And then there is the hard, complex and convoluted way, when you start to realize what the simple way really means.

But let's start with the simple way.

The money will come from your product

Imagine that you have just presented the new editorial direction of your newspaper at a high-level meeting, detailing all the new things and changes that you want to make. And the CFO of the company who owns the newspaper says:

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