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Mixing Talks With Infographics to Create a Story

Written by on May 30, 2010

I was watching several of video from the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce - or simply the RSA. Besides having a YouTube channel filled with interesting content, they have created some of the best story telling videos I have ever seen.

They are combining the audio from talks with extremely clever and artistic infographics. They are not just telling you a great story; they are showing it to you.

It's similar in concept to the many great videos from The Common Craft Show, just a bit better, and more profound.

Like these:

The surprising truth about what motivates us

Illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

Smile or Die

Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

The Empathic Civilisation

Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.

The Secret Power of Time

Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

21st century enlightenment

Matthew Taylor explores the meaning of 21st century enlightenment, how the idea might help us meet the challenges we face today.

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