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How Trends Are Made The Macro Trends and Mobile Payments

The macro trends help you spot the real trends, and guides you to make the right decisions.



Written by on January 7, 2011

Our world is changing at an ever faster pace and "trends" is the new buzzword. Many people have been pointing toward hundreds of new trends that you have to embrace, or prepare for in 2011.

A big trend in 2011 is mobile payments. But is it really a trend, or is there something else going on?

The problem is that most blogs fail to understand why a trend is happening. They just see change, and then they call it a trend. Without asking why, there is a big chance that it could be flop. Worse, it might be a trend that is only the first step toward another much bigger trend, which you will then fail to see in time.

One example: Many people are now focused on the trend of tablet magazines. What they don't realize, is that the trend is about always having access to what you are interested in. The real trend is about device independence, and the tablets are just another channel.

Creating a magazine only for the iPad is just as bad as creating a magazine only for print. It is the same with websites, marketing campaigns, web shops, etc.

In order to identify the real trend, you have to look at the macro trends. The trends that create all the other smaller trends. Specifically there are two really big macro trends that tie into everything else.

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