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How To Determine Your Best Marketing Channels



Written by on July 3, 2013

One question that people keep asking is which one of your marketing channels is the best one? Which one should you focus on? Which one should you pay more attention to?

It seems like a simple question (and an even simpler one to answer), but the reality is that it is incredibly complicated.

In this report we are going to explore the challenge of identifying your best marketing channel, why it's so complicated to do, and how you can get closer to a real answer.

Better measurement = less perceived knowledge

Back in the age of print, everything seemed simple. You only had four channels to worry about, namely TV, radio, newspapers/magazines and catalogs. With so few channels, and brands typically doing just one or two of them at once, it was pretty easy to determine if something was a success (despite attributing that success to the wrong thing).

In today's connected world we have an explosion of channels. Not only do we have more macro channels (such as web shops, blogs, and social) but we live in a completely atomized marketing world. In the past, you would only advertise in a very few magazines. Now, in the digital world, you buy ads for thousands of different blogs, not just one.

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