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How To Create a Social Media Release Plan

You are not marketing your product; you are finding ways to help people. And you do so by communicating with your followers. It's not publishing; it is chit chatting.



Written by on December 15, 2010

We are well into 2011, and that means that social is no longer just something we can experiment with. Here in 2011 we have to make it work. It is now part of the primary branding, marketing, sale, and communication strategy.

You need to use social channels in a way that optimizes results. Do you know what actually happens when you post a tweet or a an update on Facebook?

On Twitter, the vast majority of your engagement happens within the first hour of a tweet. Tweeting once a week won't work. You are not even going to reach more than about 4% of your followers.

You need to apply drastically different tactics to make your communication work on social channels. You have to turn a single launch event into a social launch stream.

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