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How Editorial Analytics can Help you Define your Editorial Strategy




Written by on September 18, 2017

Let's talk about analytics, but not the type everyone else is talking about. Instead, let's talk about a type of analytics that can directly aid your newsroom to define a much better editorial strategy, as well as help create focus for your journalists.

In short, let's talk about Editorial Analytics.

Editorial analytics are a number of metrics that are directly linked to your editorial planning, goals, and purpose. And instead of being based on measuring page views or even read rates, they take a step back and measure impact and focus.

But before we go into the details of what this is, let's very briefly talk about why we need this.

Two fundamental problems facing every publisher

There are two major problems facing the media industry.

The first problem is that we now live in a shared media world, where all the boundaries of the past have been torn down.

Local newspapers show a good example of this.

In the past, local newspapers received almost 100% of the attention, while having almost no competition. As such, every local newspaper is defined around being this generalized package of a little bit of everything (which was a good thing in the old markets).

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