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How Visuals Makes A Story Better

Written by on January 31, 2013

We all know RSA Animate Revolution's wonderful videos... and if not, here is the playlist.

I particularly like the one about motivation:

But how well does this thing work? Just imagine how much work and effort that goes into it. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to post the talk directly and then just skip the animation? ...and wouldn't that have the same effect?

The answer is no.

The animated videos have taken the social world by storm, creating a simply unheard of level of engagement for this type of content. The motivation video, for instance, has been viewed almost 10 million times. But not only that. They also found that people learn much better this way as well.

If they just gave people the talk, the learning rate was around 70% (quite high). But the animated version had a learning rate of an astonishing 92%.

Also, the animator found that while he initially just created the artwork in real-time, taking a step back and really exploring the topic before hand makes for a much better product.

It's just a remarkable example of how value creates results, especially in this time of snacking that we see all around us.

See the full 19 min discussion here:

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