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Google Nexus One and Peopletising

Written by on January 18, 2010

A lot can be said about the Google Nexus One. It's beautiful, very fast, open, works quite well, and terrible when you need customer support. It is also very annoying because of the limited coverage of T-mobile.

Of course, I do not have one, because I live in what USAians call "the outside world." I cannot even buy one unlocked. Not sure I would anyway, because I kind of like the iPhone.

But, you have to admire the way Google is using people on YouTube to promote the phone. Instead of hiring a hideously expensive advertising agency to make cheesy movies, they simply asked a number of youtubers to create a sponsored video.

And instead of requiring that the video should be posted on Google's own site, they told them to post it on their own personal channel - so that the video is from the YouTubers to their fans.

It's brilliant! It's out there, it's directly targeting engagement, and it social by default!

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