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Written by on May 22, 2014

One of the key trends in our world today is that we are learning that everything fits together. Take mobile trends. Many people are still talking about mobile as a separate thing, but the real trend is that our multiple consumption pattern will become so normal that people won't even realize when they are switching between devices.

If I send you an email, where will you check it? You can't answer that, because you never actually make that decision. You just check emails on whatever device happens to be in your hand at that moment.

And this is especially true when brands communicate, connect and influence their customers. We no longer live in a world of channels. Instead, we live in a world of any-channel.

But it isn't just about how you manage your campaigns, it's also about how people behave. We see this all too often when people try to measure conversions.

If you only focus on one thing, you are likely to miss the much bigger impact your actions have, both positively and negatively.

Imagine that your web shop wasn't really working on mobile, and it was only responsible for 2% of your overall conversions. You then start a project designed to fix this, and 4 months later you launch your new spectacular mobile site. And it works. In three months, the total number of orders are up 5%, and your mobile share of your total conversions is now 27%, and it is still growing.

That's amazing, right?

But then your CFO sits down to do the quarterly report and he finds that the overall sales have dropped 7%. That's not good.

Your CFO looks at the numbers and finds that it's caused by a lower than expected 'average order value'. It turns out that for your brand, mobile orders only have an AOV of 1.2, while it's 2.3 online and it's 1.8 in retail.

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