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Drop The Content Strategy, Create A Care Strategy Instead




Written by on July 23, 2015

For years brands have been talking about this thing called Content Management for which we define a Content Strategy. This is all well and good. Many brands have taken on the role of being a publisher themselves, and have started producing awesome content.

However, most brands still don't really get it. They have their content strategy. They sometimes even have the traffic, but it still hasn't changed anything, nor really made any real difference to sales.

What's up with that?

In this article, we will try to change all that by getting rid of your content strategy, and replacing it with a much more potent and effective 'care strategy'. And no, it's not just a new fancy word. It's about a change of culture.

Tactics don't equal passion

One big part of the problem is that the people who do the content marketing are simply too far from where the action is. It's usually the marketing people, who, for some weird reason, are often siloed away from all the important parts of the business.

Usually, marketing has no influence over the product people. They are not involved in the actual sale. They don't run the stores, nor the web shop. They are only marginally a part of the retail team, and when it comes to actual customer interactions it's mostly on Facebook, away from the point of sale.

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