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Converting Traffic to Subscribers

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Written by on January 25, 2011

The big question every media company is asking themselves is: "How much of our traffic can we convert into paying subscribers?"

I, too, asked this question when I was planning Baekdal Plus. Could this be a viable business model, or would people just go away and never return? We have all seen the catastrophic effect it had on Murdoch's Times of London. And conversion rates for other newspapers haven't been that impressive either.

No doubt it is exceptionally hard to get people to pay for content.

One big problem is that media companies apply traditional conversion metrics to their online audience. Murdoch believed that he could convert 5% of his visitors. It turned out that the number was much closer to 0.5%. Gigaom has a 0.3% conversion rate and Financial Times has a 1.7% conversion rate.

So, in this article I am going to illustrate how much of your online audience you are likely to convert, based on the calculations I made before launching Baekdal Plus.

One Million Readers is not your real audience...

Let us start with a nice round number--like one million absolute unique visitors. How many of those will turn into subscribers?

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