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Blogs, Newspapers, and Magazines vs. Social Media

Sharing is the primary element in your strategy. Your content is the driving force. Your new front page is on Twitter, Facebook and all the other social channels. It is the flexible link between.



Written by on March 28, 2011

After writing, "No, Facebook is not Killing Your Website. New user behavior is." several people asked my how it applies to the media industry. What if your product is a blog, a digital newspaper, or magazine?

In that article, I wrote about how the old internet strategy of channeling everything to your website is wrong, and how you should instead put your customer in the center. In other words create a direct path between where people decide to follow you, and what it is you have to offer them.

All of this is based on the very simple principle of driving up conversions by removing as many obstacles as possible. Every time people tell you to go to another destination, your potential conversion rate drops by 60-90%.

But all of this is based on brands producing some kind of product. Like Ford creating cars, Coca-Cola creating soft-drinks, Build-a-Bear creating toys bears, Gap selling jeans, and etc.

When brands force people to go to a website, they introduce an unnecessary step. It drives down your conversion rate and has a negative impact on the sale.

What about the newspapers, magazines, or blogs?

With media properties, like newspapers, the same principle applies. You don't want people to take unnecessary steps. You want to put them in the center, and provide a direct path to your articles.

The big difference, however, is the product. With brands like Gap, your website is a channel, just like Facebook and Twitter. But with newspapers, your website is your product. It is not a channel. It is the target of your conversion strategy.

You want people to end up buying your product, so for newspapers -- many driven by advertising -- you want people to "buy" your website.

It is not that the principle is different from other brands. It is just a different product.

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