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Apple Remote Revolution

Written by on October 12, 2005

A few days ago, I talked about the end of the usability revolution. Today, everyone knows that good products are easy to use, good looking and often highly advanced.

That is, there is still a few small groups left behind, who still have not understood the concept. One of them is the people who make remote controllers. But, today Apple totally revolutionized this.

Apple's new remote control

It got 6 buttons and a very easy an intuitive interaction method - known from the iPods. It is fantastic, and truly a brilliant example of what this post-usability revolution is all about - Good looking, easy to use, fantastic products.

One more thing...

About 2 weeks ago, another company introduced a new mobile phone that fits the same easy, beautiful, and fantastic concept. The all new Serene mobile phone. It is made by the Danish company Bang & Olufsen and Samsung.

It got a new interaction model for the position of the screen, and the dialing keys. It got fantastic sound quality and a superb ring tone (I cannot get any simpler than that - just a simple high-quality ding).


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