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Actual Browser Sizes (final)

Written by on October 24, 2006

For years we have seen statistics telling us the size of people's screens. We know that 1024x768 is the dominant screen size, and that large resolution screens are coming strong.

But, this is useless information. We do not want to know the size of a person's screen. We want to know the size of the browser's content area. A person might not use the browser maximized, and other elements - taskbar, toolbars and extensions - takes up valuable screen space.

This report aims to look at the size of the browser window, and illustrate people's browsing behavior.

The report finds, among other things, that the majority of people browse maximized or very close to it. That Mac user have bigger screens, but their browser are the same size as on any other platform. And, in order to support 95% of your visitors, you need to design for a maximum size of 776x424px.

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