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Where did the data come from?

Written by on October 24, 2006

This page is a part of "Actual Browser Sizes"

The data used in this report came from 3 months of data gathering from 5 different sites. The data was gathered automatically using JavaScript (read more about it here).

Site profile

The data was collected from a wide audience.

  • This site -
  • Two teenage fashion sites.
  • One woman fashion site.
  • One Male fashion site.

Geographical location

The data collection covers "most" of the world, with Europe and North America as the dominant sources.

Browsers & Operating Systems

Looking at what browser and operating systems people use there is nothing new. Internet Explorer is dominent browser, followed by Firefox. Windows is the dominant platform, followed by Macs.

How the data was collected

The data was collected using a small piece JavaScript that recorded and submitted the following information.

  • Display width/height
  • Available display width/height
  • Browser width/height
  • Browser type & version
  • Operating system

All the sites was also using Google Analytics at the time, collecting data like geographical location, screen colors etc.

To know more about how the data was collected, see the Browser Screen Size Tester. (also, a little movie)

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