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What size do I need to support?

Written by on October 24, 2006

This page is a part of "Actual Browser Sizes"

Finally we can see what sizes we need to design for. E.g. if you want to design for 95% of your visitors you need design for no more than 776x424px (fixed layout) - or between 720x400px to 1408x912px (fluid layouts). You can also see the pixel "gab" when designing fluid layouts - at 95% it is a staggering 688px in width and 512px in height.


Sizes to design for

%Fixed LayoutFluid LayoutFluid Gab
75%1000x576872x504 - 1256x808384/304
80%984x568864x464 - 1264x848400/384
85%912x552800x448 - 1328x864528/416
90%784x432784x440 - 1344x872560/432
95%776x424720x400 - 1408x912688/512
100%568x264456x232 - 1672x10801216/848

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